Charlie Sheen On Another Bender? — VIDEO

charlie sheenHere it is, everyone…the moment we all knew would happen eventually: Charlie Sheen is back to drinking beer. Non-alcoholic beer, that is. The actor is seen starring in a brand new commercial for a Dutch beer called Bavaria. Fitting, right? Let’s face it, if this guy were going to do any kind of commercial, it would be in reference to alcohol.

In the ad we see Anger Management star leave yet another rehab clinic, promising to have finally seen the error of his ways, only to find himself moments later, surrounded by an endless array of beer-swigging revelers.

Sure enough, by the end of the 56 second clip Sheen once again succumbs to his inhibitions, taking a nice, long pull of the beverage. But given that it’s alcohol-free, we’re more than happy to allow him to have his beer and drink it too. I think that’s called winning, folks.

Check out the commercial below and get a glimpse of the old Charlie:


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