Charlie Sheen Wants to Trademark 22 Phrases

charlie sheenNow that Charlie Sheen is on the road and is busy amazing Americans everywhere with his skills of sitting in a chair and talking, he has taken it upon himself to prevent anyone from stealing his act. On March 19th and March 22nd, a company called Hyro-gliff filed applications to trademark 22 of Sheen’s favorite phrases, including “Duh,” “Winning,” “Vatican Assassin,” “Tiger Blood,” and “Rock Star From Mars.” The papers were signed by Marty Singer, Sheen’s attorney, who also filed Sheen’s $100 million lawsuit against Warner Bros. and Chuck Lorre. “Adonis DNA,” however, has proven to be a bit harder for Sheen to legally license because two other people filed papers for the term before he did, and they both claimed they planned on using it on clothing and as the name of a nutritional supplement. Thirteen other people (including Jimmy Buffet’s company) have also filed papers to trademark “Tiger Blood,” obviously to use as the title of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The paperwork could take a year to be approved, but once it is, Sheen is not required to make products using the terms. So basically, trademarking his lingo is just a way for him to prevent other people from taking his phrases and coining them as their own. But since Sheen has already started selling merchandise that’s emblazoned with the words on his tour, attorney Aaron Moss says he’s at an advantage because the terms distinctly represent him, and nobody else. “He has become solely identifiable as the source of the catchphrases,” Moss said. “He’s going to have a much stronger claim to those trademark rights to any third party.” So nice try, Larisa Oleynik, but “Duh” no longer belongs to you.

Source: Yahoo