Chelsea Handler Reads Anthony Weiner Sexts

You know, I think it’s about time we stop pretending like Anthony Weiner did the worst possible thing by sending dirty texts to those women AND START LAUGHING AT HIM!!! We’ve all sent a few inappropriate messages to other people here and there, and yes of course the main difference between the times we did it and the times Anthony Weiner did it is that we can’t talk ourselves out of a ticket for having our dogs off their leashes, and Anthony Weiner is a congressman. So it was kind of EXTRA wrong for him to do it, considering he’s supposed to be a person of authority and ESPECIALLY since we learned that at the same time he was texting other women, he was trying to impregnate his wife. But it’s all hilarious now. Think of all the times people asked Weiner if that penis in the picture was his, and he responded with, “do you guys know how many pictures my profession requires me to take? It’s impossible for me to tell!” BAHAHAH!

It is, however, unfortunate that his sexts have become hashtags on Twitter and have been inserted at the bottom of people’s email automatic signatures. BUT! BUT! BUT! Those people who are still updating their Facebook statuses to say, “OMG! A CONGRESSMAN WITH A PENIS! YOU DON’T SAY! SEND HIM TO THAT PLACE WHERE WE SEND ALL THE PEOPLE WITH THE PENISES!” All of you are just being ornery because you went to a small artsy college where there were no wrong answers. You gotta admit the texts are pretty funny. Just listen to Chelsea Handler read them off. Lighten up! It’s Thursday! The contest to declare Pippa Middleton as having the best rear end ever has ended, so what else are you going to do?

Source: AOL TV