Chen Kuan-Tai

Born: 09/24/1945


Actor (10)

The Man With the Iron Fists 2012 (Movie)

Gold Lion (Actor)

Gallants 2010 (Movie)


Murderer 2009 (Movie)


Lung Fu Mun 2006 (Movie)

Ma Kun (Actor)

Human Lanterns 1983 (Movie)

Tan Fu (Actor)

Big Bad Sis 1975 (Movie)

Big Brother Cheng (Actor)

Big Brother Cheng 1974 (Movie)

Boss Cheng (Actor)

Seven-Man Army 1974 (Movie)

Chiang Ming-kun (Actor)

Men From the Monastery 1973 (Movie)

Hung Hsi-kuan (Actor)

Man of Iron 1972 (Movie)

Chou Lien-huan (Actor)