Chenoweth regrets making Haiti adoption bid on Ambien

Chenoweth occasionally suffers from insomnia and takes Ambien to get to sleep – and she wishes she could refrain from sending out tweets while she’s waiting to nod off, because she always regrets them the following morning.

She explains, “Haiti was a devastating thing to see and I was watching it one night on Ambien and then I tweeted that I was gonna adopt a baby from Haiti.

“I’m adopted and it’s not out of the realm of possibility for me… and the next day I’m at the When In Rome premiere with my friend Kristen Bell and I’m asked, ‘When is my adoption going through?’ I mean… it wasn’t gonna happen the next day.

“You tweet people you have crushes on, and the next day, you’re like, ‘What?’ You can’t believe it.”

And she’d rather not read what others say about her on either after one mean-spirited fan upset her: “They tweeted the other night about how on the red carpet this vein that comes through on my forehead sometimes… somebody tweeted that I needed to watch that. And I thought, ‘Well, apparently I need it to live, folks.'”