Cher Bashes the Kardashians on Twitter

I believe family members of the celebrities who are competing for the Mirror Ball trophy on Dancing with the Stars are allowed to root for their loved ones in any way they can. Usually this means going on Twitter, encouraging their friends to vote as many times as they can, and maybe even attaching a little figurine to the antennae of their car. And I’m pretty sure the celebrities’ families are not allowed to bash each other on Twitter for no reason, then pretend like they’ve never heard of the family they’ve just bashed and then apologize for bashing them. But oh right, I forgot — Cher is the one kid in the class who isn’t forced to hold onto the railing as she goes down the stairs because she’s left handed.

But that’s what happened. Perhaps still angry that people in America continue to voice their disapproval of how her son, Chaz Bono, is competing in this season, Cher took to her Twitter account and decided to voice HER OWN disapproval of something, and then proceed to explain that there’s no reason for her to feel the way that she does. More specifically, she expressed her distaste of the Kardashians, which just happens to be the family of Chaz’s DWTS competitor, Rob Kardashian. First, Cher said, “I don’t watch reality ! Never saw a Kardashian but these Bitches should b Drop kicked down a freeway! Not Kidding!” Then she said “feel like I live in a cave !Once watched J&Kate they were sweet! This shit is HARD CORE! Is true Kardashian did Porno ! I’m so Fkn outa it !” And once her followers started tweeting at her and asking her why she hated the Kardashians, she replied “Let me be clear ! Am not Hate’n Kardashian Fam.Don’t know them! Bridezilla’s crazy Bitches! Saw Brother on DWTS & my friend told me bout girls.” After a few more tweets replying to her followers, Cher finally decided to turn it in for the night and said “By lovelies! Seems I put mySize8 1/2’s in my mouth again! Isn’t the 1st time Won’t b the last !Sometimes I should run my words by my BRAIN.”

So that’s a lot to digest. But since Dancing with the Stars airs on Monday and Tuesday nights AND since Cher was tweeting on Sunday night, it’s more likely the onslaught was the result of her getting caught up in a Keeping up with the Kardashians marathon… which is a good thing because at least we know she’s not typing malicious statements in hopes of generating more votes for her son. And now that she’s revealed she plans to go watch Chaz dance next week if he isn’t voted off the show tonight, perhaps she’ll summon the courage to actually repeat some of the statements she made in her tweets. It would certainly be more exciting than watching David Arquette do yet another interpretation of sincerity.

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Sources: Cher Twitter, Celebitchy