Chet Baker

Born: 12/23/1929


Music (22)

Shame 2011 (Movie)

"Let's Get Lost" (Song Performer)

The Guard 2011 (Movie)

("Everything Happens To Me") (Song Performer)

Elegy 2008 (Movie)

("Early Morning Mood") (Song Performer)

Elegy 2008 (Movie)

("Early Morning Mood") (Song)

Silence Becomes You 2006 (Movie)

("I Fall In Love Too Easily") (Song Performer)

Sidewalks of New York 2001 (Movie)

("Shouldn't Have Walked Away") (Song Performer)

B. Monkey 1999 (Movie)

("Imagination") (Song Performer)

Elephant Juice 1999 (Movie)

("Here's That Rainy Day") (Song Performer)

The Love Letter 1999 (Movie)

("I've Never Been in Love Before") (Song Performer)

The Sixth Sense 1999 (Movie)

("I Fall In Love Too Easily") (Song Performer)

The Talented Mr. Ripley 1999 (Movie)

("My Funny Valentine") (Performer)

Playing By Heart 1998 (Movie)

("I'm Glad There Is You" "I soliti ignoti" "Lucius Lu") (Song Performer)

L.A. Confidential 1997 (Movie)

("Look for the Silver Lining" "Makin' Whoopee") (Song Performer)

This World, Then the Fireworks 1997 (Movie)

("The Thrill Is Gone" "You Dont' Know What Love Is") (Song Performer)

Broken Noses 1991 (Movie)

("Whatever Possessed Me" "Little Girl Blue" "Everytime We Say Goodbye" "My Foolish Heart" "If I Should Lose You") (Song Performer)

It's a Blue World 1990 (Movie)


Let's Get Lost 1989 (Movie)

("Almost Blue" "Blame It on My Youth" "Daydream" "Imagination" "My One and Only Love" "You're My Thrill" "Zingaro") (Song Performer)

Let's Get Lost 1989 (Movie)

("Every Time We Say Goodbye" "Chetty's Lullaby" "So che ti perdero") (Song)

Chet's Romance 1987 (Movie)

("I'm a Fool to Want You") (Song Performer)

Round Midnight 1986 (Movie)

("Fairweather") (Song Performer)

Eine Liebe Wie Andere Auch 1981 (Movie)


Sharky's Machine 1981 (Movie)

("My Funny Valentine") (Song Performer)
Actor (4)

Let's Get Lost 1989 (Movie)


Chet's Romance 1987 (Movie)


Chet's Romance 1987 (Movie)

Trumpeter (Actor)

Stolen Hours 1963 (Movie)

Himself (Actor)