Chief Thundercloud

Actor, Cowboy, Miner
Born: 04/12/1899 in Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA


Actor (24)

A Ticket to Tomahawk 1950 (Movie)

Crooked Knife (Actor)

Davy Crockett, Indian Scout 1950 (Movie)

Sleeping Fox (Actor)

Buffalo Bill 1943 (Movie)


Geronimo 1938 (Movie)

Geronimo (Actor)

Badman's Territory (Movie)

Chief Tahlequah (Actor)

Call of the Forest (Movie)


Hudson's Bay (Movie)

Orimha (Actor)

King of the Stallions (Movie)


Lone Ranger Rides Again (Movie)

Tonto (Actor)

Murder on the Yukon (Movie)

Monti (Actor)

My Gal Sal (Movie)

Murphy (Actor)

Nob Hill (Movie)

Indian Chief (Actor)

Northwest Mounted Police (Movie)

Wandering Spirit (Actor)

Renegade Girl (Movie)


Riders of the Whistling Skull (Movie)

High Priest (Actor)

Shut My Big Mouth (Movie)

Indian Interpreter (Actor)

Silver Stallion (Movie)

Freshwater (Actor)

The Law Rides Again (Movie)

Thundercloud (Actor)

The Senator Was Indiscreet (Movie)

Indian (Actor)

The Singing Vagabond (Movie)


Unconquered (Movie)

Chief Killbuck (Actor)

Western Union (Movie)

Indian Leader (Actor)

Wyoming (Movie)

Lightfoot (Actor)

Young Buffalo Bill (Movie)

Akuna (Actor)


University of Arizona

Tucson , Arizona