Chill Wills

Actor, Vaudevillian
Born: 07/17/1903 in Seagonville, Texas, USA


Actor (71)

Stubby Pringle's Christmas 1978 - 1979 (TV Show)


Meet Me in St. Louis 1977 (Movie)


Mr. Billion 1977 (Movie)

Colonel Clayton T Winkle (Actor)

Guns of a Stranger 1972 (Movie)


Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid 1972 (Movie)

Lemeul (Actor)

The Stars and Stripes Show 1971 - 1972 (TV Show)


The Liberation of L.B. Jones 1970 (Movie)

Mr Ike (Actor)

The Steagle 1970 (Movie)

Tall-Guy McCoy (Actor)

Big Daddy 1969 (Movie)


Fireball 500 1966 (Movie)

Big Jaw (Actor)

Alfred Hitchcock Presents 1955 - 1965 (TV Show)


The Rounders 1964 (Movie)

Jim Ed Love (Actor)

The Cardinal 1963 (Movie)

Monsignor Whittle (Actor)

Frontier Circus 1961 - 1962 (TV Show)


McLintock! 1962 (Movie)

Drago (Actor)

The Wheeler Dealers 1962 (Movie)

Jay Ray (Actor)

The Deadly Companions 1961 (Movie)

Turk (Actor)

Gold of the Seven Saints 1960 (Movie)

Doc Gates (Actor)

The Alamo 1960 (Movie)

Beekeeper (Actor)

From Hell to Texas 1958 (Movie)

Amos Bradley (Actor)

The Betty White Show 1957 - 1958 (TV Show)


A Gun For a Coward 1957 (Movie)

Loving (Actor)

Gun Glory 1957 (Movie)

Preacher (Actor)

Giant 1956 (Movie)

Uncle Bawley Benedict (Actor)

Santiago 1956 (Movie)

Sidewheel (Actor)

City That Never Sleeps 1953 (Movie)

Sergeant Joe--The (Actor)

Small Town Girl 1953 (Movie)


The Man From the Alamo 1953 (Movie)

John Gage (Actor)

Bronco Buster 1952 (Movie)


Francis 1950 (Movie)

of Francis (Voice)

Rio Grande 1950 (Movie)


The Harvey Girls 1945 (Movie)


What Next, Corporal Hargrove? 1945 (Movie)


The Bad Man 1940 (Movie)


Tugboat Annie Sails Again 1940 (Movie)


Boom Town 1939 (Movie)


Allegheny Uprising 1938 (Movie)


Bar 20 Rides Again (Movie)

Himself (Actor)

Belle Starr (Movie)

Blue Duck (Actor)

Best Foot Forward (Movie)

Chester Shoat (Actor)

Call of the Prairie (Movie)

Himself (Actor)

Cattle Drive (Movie)

Dallas (Actor)

Family Honeymoon (Movie)

Fred (Actor)

Francis Goes to West Point (Movie)

Francis the Talking Mule (Voice)

Francis Goes to the Races (Movie)

Francis the Talking Mule (Voice)

Gallant Bess (Movie)

C.P.O. (Actor)

Honky Tonk (Movie)

The Sniper (Actor)

Lawless Valley (Movie)

Speedy McGow (Actor)

Leave Her to Heaven (Movie)

Leick Thome (Actor)

Loaded Pistols (Movie)

Sheriff Cramer (Actor)

Rationing (Movie)

Bus Driver (Actor)

Ride the Man Down (Movie)

Ike Adams (Actor)

See Here, Private Hargrove (Movie)

Sgt. Cramp (Actor)

Sky Murder (Movie)

Sheriff Beckwith (Actor)

Stand By for Action (Movie)

CBM Jenks (Actor)

Stranger in Town (Movie)

Charles Craig (Actor)

Sunday Dinner for a Soldier (Movie)

Mr. York (Actor)

Tarzan's New York Adventure (Movie)

Montford, Animal Trainer (Actor)

That Wonderful Urge (Movie)

Justice of the Peace, Homer Beggs (Actor)

The Bugle Sounds (Movie)

Dillon (Actor)

The Cardboard Lover (Movie)

Judge (Actor)

The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come (Movie)

Maj. Buford (Actor)

The Over-the-Hill Gang (TV Show)


The Sainted Sisters (Movie)

Will Twitchell (Actor)

The Saxon Charm (Movie)

Capt. Chatham (Actor)

The Stars and Stripes Show (TV Show)


The Westerner (Movie)

Southeast (Actor)

Tulsa (Movie)

Pinky Jimpson (Actor)

Western Union (Movie)

Homer (Actor)

Wyoming (Movie)

Lafe (Actor)



Release first album


Disbanded group


Debut wih his band "Chill Wills and the Avalon Boys" in Western