Chow Yun-Fat

Actor, Singer, Camera salesman
Hailed by The Los Angeles Times, as quite simply, "the coolest actor in the world," Chow Yun-Fat was a fixture of Hong Kong film and TV since his debut in the early 1970s. Most celebrated by American and British ... Read more »
Born: 05/18/1955 in Hong Kong


Actor (95)

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The 73rd Annual Academy Awards 2000 - 2001 (TV Show)


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Massage Girls 1976 (Movie)


The Reincarnation 1976 (Movie)


Code of Honor (Movie)



Hailed by The Los Angeles Times, as quite simply, "the coolest actor in the world," Chow Yun-Fat was a fixture of Hong Kong film and TV since his debut in the early 1970s. Most celebrated by American and British cultists as a hard-boiled action hero, Chow specialized in portrayals of honorable hitmen, gangsters, thieves and trigger-happy cops. A bona fide superstar in his native Asia, Chow's extensive credits spanned a variety of genres, including romances, dramas, slapstick comedies and supernatural thrillers. A favorite of both common folk and cinephiles alike, Chow segued effortlessly between commercial and artsy fare. Moreover, Chow came to define "cool" with his signature handling of cigarettes and firearms with equally devastating flair. Nevertheless, Chow was at his most convincing when playing good-humored "Joes" - generally a common, blue-collar sort characterized by a sense of self-sacrifice, loyalty and utter lack of self-consciousness.


Jasmine Chow

Born in Singapore c. 1959 Met 1984 Married May 6, 1987

Candice Yu Actor

Married for six months 1983 Divorced 1983


attended a boarding school established by the Nationalist Party Kuomintang in Kowloon, Hong Kong



Cast as Chinese pirate Sao Feng in "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End"


Teamed up with Gong Li to star in "Curse of the Golden Flower" a film by Zhang Yimou


Made a surprise cameo in the mainland Chinese indie-hit "Waiting Alone"


Starred in title role of "Bulletproof Monk"


Starred as Li Mu Bai, a noble and expert warrior looking for peace in his final days, in Ang Lee's "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", a tour de force martial arts epic filmed in Mandarin dialect; subtitled for foreign audiences; debuted at Cannes


Played Nick Chen, head of the NYPD's Asian gang unit, who teams with unlikely partner Mark Walhlburg, in "The Corrupter", a routine guns and mayhem picture


Portrayed Siamese ruler Mongkut to Jodie Foster's English governness in "Anna and the King"; filmed in Malaysia


First American feature, "The Replacement Killers", executive produced by Woo; acted opposite Mira Sorvino, whose fluency in Mandarin helped immeasurably as the two co-stars could converse when Chow's English failed him


Last Hong Kong film (to date), "Peace Hotel"


Fifth and last HK collaboration with Woo, "Hard Boiled"


Fifth and last HK collaboration with Lam, "Full Contact"


Starred in the popular action comedy "The God of Gamblers", which inaugurated a cycle of gambler films; reprised his role for "Return of the God of Gamblers" (1994)


Starred as an undercover cop in the popular, influential and Hong Kong Academy Award-winning crime film, "City on Fire"; first collaboration with director Ringo Lam; starred in two thematically related sequels, "Prison on Fire" (also 1987) and "Prison on


In "Scared Stiff", played a true villain for the first (and, to date, the last) time in his HK film career


Revived flagging film career and attained international superstar status as star of the landmark gangster melodrama, "A Better Tomorrow"; first collaboration with writer-director John Woo; starred in two sequels, "A Better Tomorrow II" (1987, also directe


Won acclaim starring in the period dramatic feature, "Hong Kong 1941"


Episodes of "Shanghai Bund" re-edited into two features released in January, "The Bund" and "The Bund, Part II"


Breakthrough feature performance in "The Story of Woo Viet"


Increased his popularity playing a white-suited 1920s crime boss in the TV series, "Shanghai Bund"


First film in a leading role, "Massage Girls"


Feature debut, "The Reincarnation"


Began his 128 episode stint as the young hunk on the HK primetime soap "Hotel"


Enrolled in an actor's training course at TVB, a leading HK television operation (broadcasting at home, video distribution throughout Asia) owned by the Shaw Brothers


Suffered a serious motor bike accident


Answered a newspaper ad inviting people to apply for "free" acting classes


Quit school at age 17 (date approximate)


Participated in riots as the Cultural Revolution spread to Hong Kong; transferred by his alarmed mother to a boarding school set up by the Nationalist Party Kuomintang


At age ten, moved with family to Kowloon, a part of Hong Kong connected by land to China (date approximate)

Grew up on Lamma Island near Hong Kong (HK)

Started acting; signed a three-year contract with TVB for less than HK $500 per month

Arose at 4 am each morning to sell dim sum

Renegotiated contract with TVB; stayed for an additional ten years

At 16, worked in a factory, packing radios to ship overseas for $1.40 per day

Enrolled in a leftist school that promoted the teachings of Mao Tse-tung

Worked variously as a bellboy, office boy, postman and camera salesman

Acted in over 1,000 episodes of various soap operas

Bonus Trivia


When Chow was a small child selling dim sum on the streets of Lamma Island, customers called him Gao Tsai ("Little Dog"). He knew no other name until he registered for grade school.