No, Chris Brown, We Can’t (and Shouldn’t) Just Get Over the Horrible Things You Did

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Chris Brown hit Twitter this afternoon to make some noise about how he was quitting music after the upcoming album X (props for the creativity), which is set to be released this month on Aug. 20. Let’s dissect these tweets, shall we?

Thanks for inviting us to the impromptu pity party! Really, Chris Brown? You’re upset at mainstream America? Let me count the ways in which “mainstream America” has embraced your sorry ass. First of all, you are completely right about being made famous for a mistake you made at 18. The fact that you are even still famous is a result of mainstream America. In an ideal world, you would’ve been cast to obscurity.

It’s incredible that you had millions of fans supporting you even after beating up your girlfriend, Rihanna. The same girlfriend who, despite the heavy criticism, got back together with you various times after your unforgivable stunt. Aren’t you so lucky that you live in a mainstream culture where it will always be the woman’s fault? A culture that concludes that your actions could not have been that bad (regardless of her hospitalization) because Rihanna took you back? Yes, Chris Brown, you are definitely a victim of “mainstream America”. 

We are so glad that you are “cool & over it” because the many, many victims of domestic violence — myself included — and other women around the world are certainly not. Have you checked in with your ex Rihanna to see if she’s “over it”? I highly doubt it, because that’s not something you ever fully get over.

Finally, this whole thing sounds like a classic publicity stunt. The fact that you’re “probably” going to end your music carreer is a dead giveaway that you most definitely won’t. So no need to exploit your past mistake for your own personal gain (yet again). I promise you, Chris, “mainstream America” is still going to run out and buy your album.

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