Chris Brown Flips Out Over Rihanna Questions on ‘GMA’

This morning, Chris Brown sat down with Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts to talk about the release of his new album, F.A.M.E. But before any talk of the album could be had, Robin reminded Chris that the restraining order Rihanna had against him had been lifted and he was now allowed to be in the same room as her. Chris said he hadn’t seen Rihanna since that new development, and that he really doesn’t think about that situation anymore. Roberts tried harder to get him to talk more about how he’s changed as a person since that incident and asked him who he considers to be his enemies, but Chris was unwilling to talk about anything other than his album and kept circling back to remind everyone to go out today and buy it. The brief interview can be seen below.

After Chris performed a new song from his album and returned to his dressing room, he began shouting and throwing things. By the time ABC security had arrived, Chris had broken a window and sent glass flying down onto the street below. He then left before performing a second song from his album. Later, he tweeted, “I’m so over people bringing this past shit up!!! Yet we praise Charlie Sheen and other celebs for there [sic] bullshit.” The tweet was quickly deleted, but the effect on us was not lost. He’s right in saying we glorify Charlie Sheen’s mistakes, but that’s only because they are adorned with phrases that are rewarding because they will eventually allow us to quit our jobs, move to Virginia, and spend the rest of our lives making inspirational posters to hang in Algebra classes and birdhouses. When was the last time we got anything from an album whose title was an acronym, anyway?

Source: EW