Chris Brown Gets 95 Parking Tickets Dismissed

That Chris Brown must be one smooth talker because he sure seems to be able to get himself out of some pretty bad situations. His latest crime has been parking in what appears to be handicapped spaces in the lot at his L.A. condo. The singer had racked up about $15,000 in parking citations, which resulted in a total of 117 parking tickets. Yikes.

But have no fear, luck has smiled once again on Brown and 95 of those 117 tickets have been dismissed. Although he still has 22 citations pending, the amount of money he will potentially have to shell out has significantly decreased. And they say good things only happen to good people! Sources state that the parking spaces in question were assigned to Chris’ apartment from the beginning, so he wasn’t really doing anything wrong by parking there. It makes sense that he’d have a handicapped space for himself, because I can imagine a lot of his visitors would actually end up needing to use it after a visit to his house.

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Source: TMZ