Chris Doubek


Actor (12)

Krisha 2016 (Movie)

Dr. Becker (Actor)

Tower 2016 (Movie)


7 Chinese Brothers 2015 (Movie)

Daryl (Actor)

Arlo and Julie 2013 (Movie)


White Reindeer 2013 (Movie)

Detective Ross (Actor)

Good Night 2012 (Movie)


Grow Up, Tony Phillips 2012 (Movie)


Loves Her Gun 2012 (Movie)

Clerk (Actor)

Lovers of Hate 2011 (Movie)

Rudy (Actor)

Pictures Of Superheroes 2011 (Movie)

Gil (Actor)

The Happy Poet 2010 (Movie)

Curtis (Actor)

The Cassidy Kids 2008 (Movie)

Lewis Gaylord (Adult) (Actor)