Chris Edwards


Art Department (18)

I, Frankenstein 2014 (Movie)


When The Game Stands Tall 2014 (Movie)

(Set Dresser)

Russian Dolls 2006 (Movie)

(Production Designer)

The Last Minute 2001 (Movie)

(Production Designer)

Essex Boys 2000 (Movie)

(Production Designer)

Imogen's Face 1998 - 1999 (TV Show)

Production Designer

Virtual Sexuality 1999 (Movie)

(Production Designer)

Ho Ho Ho: TV's All-Time Funniest Christmas Moments 1995 - 1996 (TV Show)

Set Decorator

TV's All-Time Funniest Sitcom Weddings 1995 - 1996 (TV Show)

Set Decorator

Death Machine 1994 (Movie)

(Production Designer)

Chimera 1992 - 1993 (TV Show)

Production Designer

The Blackheath Poisonings 1992 - 1993 (TV Show)

Production Designer

Split Second 1992 (Movie)

(Production Designer)

Monkey Boy 1991 (Movie)

(Production Designer)

We Think the World of You 1988 (Movie)

art direction (Art Director)

The Citadel 1983 - 1984 (TV Show)

Art Director

The Black Stuff 1979 (Movie)

(Production Designer)

Charles & Diana: Unhappily Ever After (TV Show)

Production Designer
Actor (8)

Sleeping Dogs Lie! 2014 (Movie)


Pulp Comics: Louis C.K. 1999 - 2000 (TV Show)


The Yards 2000 (Movie)

Police Officer (Actor)

Bringing Out the Dead 1999 (Movie)

Fireman (Actor)

One Night Stand 1997 (Movie)

Policeman (Actor)

Extreme Measures 1996 (Movie)

Uniform Cop (Actor)

Airborne 1993 (Movie)

Walt (Actor)

Prayer of the Rollerboys 1991 (Movie)

rollerboy extra (Actor)
Physical Effects (4)

Angry Boys 2012 (Tv Show)

Stunt Double

D3: The Mighty Ducks 1996 (Movie)

rollerblading double(for Shaun Weiss) (Stunt Man)

D2: The Mighty Ducks 1994 (Movie)


Airborne 1993 (Movie)

Mitchell skating double (Stunt Man)
Visual Effects & Animation (3)

Treasure Planet 2002 (Movie)

(B.E.N.) (Character Animation) (Animator)

Dinosaur 2000 (Movie)

assistant animator(additional animation) (Animator)

Drop Zone 1994 (Movie)

digital imaging operator (Visual Effects)
Camera, Film, & Tape (1)

Kakadu: Australia's Ancient Wilderness 1998 - 1999 (TV Show)

Video Post-Production
Other (1)

Destination Unknown 1997 (Movie)

(Production Assistant)