Chris Gennarelli


Camera, Film, & Tape (12)

Maggie's Plan 2016 (Movie)

Dailies Colorist(Technicolor Postworks) (Camera)

A Walk Among the Tombstones 2014 (Movie)

Dailies Colorist(Technicolor- Postworks New York) (Dailies)

Noah 2014 (Movie)

Dailies Colorist(Mr. X Gotham) (Colorist)

St. Vincent 2014 (Movie)

Dailies Colorist(The Room) (Film Lab)

Lincoln 2012 (Movie)

HD Dailies Colorist(Technicolor) (Colorist)

Moonrise Kingdom 2012 (Movie)

Dailies Colorist(Technicolor New York) (Dailies)

The Adjustment Bureau 2011 (Movie)

Video Dailies Colorist(Technicolor) (Colorist)

The Sitter 2011 (Movie)

Dailies Colorist(Technicolor New York) (Dailies)

Just Wright 2010 (Movie)

Video Colorist (Colorist)

The Fighter 2010 (Movie)

Dailies Colorist(Technicolor, New York) (Dailies)

The Blind Side 2009 (Movie)

Video Colorist(TCS) (Colorist)

Trailer Fabulous 2004 - 2005 (TV Show)

Color Correction