Chris Hemsworth: A Real Life Super Hero

Chris Hemsworth, ThorWalt Disney/Marvel

We all know his name by now. Chris Hemsworth. Oh mighty mighty Chris Hemsworth. Your eyes so blue, your hair so fine. You bring lightning from the heavens above, you’ve saved this Earth from perilous danger! Wait a minute ladies, is that really Chris? Let’s pretend for a minute that a lightning-calling hammer did exist in the real world, and let’s say there was a more than handsome man wielding the power to this tool. Would it really be Chris?

Yes, he is from Australia. Australia, Asgrad, Australia, Asgard? Thor has two parents, Chris has two parents. This is as close as the similarities get. Hemsworth has admitted publicly to bulking up for the role. He had apparently never lifted weights until he was cast in the role as Thor, so how the hell could he ever lift a hammer that saves the entire human race? Poor Chris cut his hand while grating ginger, the grater came apart and he cut his fingers fixing it. One wonders if he bandaged his hand himself or drove to the ER for stitches? Does he get a discount if he brings his hammer with him?

We’re not saying don’t believe what you wanna believe. But personally there’s probably a lot more to the man behind the cape that is Thor. Maybe his shoulder presses stop after filming, but he can probably make a really good banana ginger smoothie, even if it’s topped off with a little superhero wanna-be blood. Who wouldn’t drink that?