Chris Papajohn


Physical Effects (12)

Point Break 2015 (Movie)

(Tahiti) (Stunts)

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone 2013 (Movie)


Battleship 2012 (Movie)

(Stunt Double)

Fear Factor 2003 - 2005, 2011 (Tv Show)

Stunt Man

Piranha 3-D 2010 (Movie)

Utility Stunts(Boat Driver) (Stunts)

Couples Retreat 2009 (Movie)


One Missed Call 2008 (Movie)

Marine Stunt Coordinator (Stunt Coordinator)

Reno 911: Miami 2007 (Movie)


The Comebacks 2007 (Movie)


The Guardian 2006 (Movie)

Utility Stunts/Water Safety (Stunts)

The Aviator 2004 (Movie)

(Stunt Performer)

Race to the Altar 2002 - 2003 (TV Show)

Stunt Performer
Engineering, Electrical, & Grips (1)

Point Break 2015 (Movie)

(Hawaii & Tahiti) (Rigging Grip)
Other (17)

Swiss Army Man 2016 (Movie)

(Marine Unit) (Driver)

I'll See You In My Dreams 2015 (Movie)

Marine Crew (Coordinator)

The Revenant 2015 (Movie)

Marine Coordinator (Coordinator)

The Face of Love 2014 (Movie)

Marine Coordinator (Coordinator)

All Is Lost 2013 (Movie)

Marine Tech (Office Coordinator)

Battleship 2012 (Movie)

Boat Captain(Hawaii) (Transportation Captain)

Contraband 2012 (Movie)

Marine Crew (Production)

The Master 2012 (Movie)

Boat Captain (Transportation Captain)

Tremé 2011 (Tv Show)


1408 2007 (Movie)

Marine Coordinator (Coordinator)

Alpha Dog 2007 (Movie)

Marine Coordinator (Coordinator)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest 2006 (Movie)

Boat Captain(Caribbean Unit) (Production)

American Pie 2 2001 (Movie)

marine crew(Maine) (Production)

Jurassic Park III 2001 (Movie)

marine technician (Other)

Mchale's Navy 1997 (Movie)

marine crew (Production)

Down Periscope 1996 (Movie)

marine crew (Production)

Waterworld 1995 (Movie)

marine crew (Production)