Chris Roda


Visual Effects & Animation (9)

Around the World in 80 Days 2004 (Movie)

Character Rigging(Rhythm & Hues Studios) (Character Animation)

The Core 2003 (Movie)

Bird Effects(Pacific Title Digital) (Animator)

Spider-Man 2002 (Movie)

FX Animation(Sony Imageworks) (Animator)

Rat Race 2001 (Movie)

lead 3-D artist(Cinesite/visual effects & animation) (3-D Artist)

The 6th Day 2000 (Movie)

CGI animator/lighter(Cinesite/visual effects) (CGI Artist)

What Dreams May Come 1998 (Movie)

digital bird animation(Digital Domain/special visual effects/digital animation) (Visual Effects)

Titanic 1997 (Movie)

character animator(Digital Domain) (Animator)

The Island of Dr. Moreau 1996 (Movie)

digital artist(Digital Domain) (Visual Effects)

Species 1995 (Movie)

computer animator(Computer Graphics Imaging) (Animator)
Production Management (1)

True Lies 1994 (Movie)

(Boss Film Corp) (Technical Director)
Executive (1)

The Fifth Element 1997 (Movie)

sequence supervisor(Digital Domain) (Supervisor)