Chris Tucker About To Lose $6 Million Mansion

It’s not always the best idea to own a multi-million dollar mansion when you’ve basically disappeared off the Hollywood map…just ask Chris Tucker. The actor — whose last big hit was in 2007’s Rush Hour 3 — is losing his $6 million Florida mansion because he can’t afford to pay his mortgage. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Tucker owes the SunTrust Bank more than $4.4 million on the 10,000 square-foot home, so unless he can come up with the money (and fast), the house will remain in foreclosure. The star purchased the mansion in 2007, which features five bedrooms, three fireplaces, a personal spa, a pool and an outdoor kitchen. Oh and let’s not forget about the pirate-ship themed basement with a mast and a sail. I heard that’s a hot commodity these days.

Seriously though, what was Tucker thinking about buying a house that expensive? He obviously doesn’t visit his IMDB page very often to reflect on his current career status. His page is just about as active as mine (and I don’t even have one). So far, there’s been no comment from Tucker about the whole situation, but the Times Union of Albany. N.Y., reports that his comedy show for this Sunday is now canceled because of “unforeseen circumstances.” To be honest, I’m not quite sure what he’s thinking with that move. He needs work now more than ever.

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Source: People