Christina Aguilera Will Judge ‘The Voice’

christina aguileraNBC announced that Christina Aguilera has signed on to be the third judge, or “musician coach,” on the network’s new show that premieres this spring, called The Voice. She’ll assist fellow artists (but who differ in degree of artistry, obviously) Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and Cee-Lo in the quest to find someone in the country who is qualified to be The Voice, which is something that doesn’t seem to be specifically defined anywhere. Carson Daly will serve as the show’s host, so in case you still weren’t sure if recording this show on TiVo would be worth deleting all three season finales of Gossip Girl (even after you realized that a Grammy-winning artist currently dating a 25 year-old republican would be participating), hopefully that last piece of information can help you gauge the situation a little bit better.

Source: NBC