Christine Sysko


Art Department (12)

The Visit 2015 (Movie)

(Set Dresser)

The Last Airbender 2010 (Movie)

(Lead Person)

The Answer Man 2009 (Movie)


The Happening 2008 (Movie)

Set Decoration Foreman (Set Decorator)

Shooter 2007 (Movie)

(Lead Person)

Clerks II 2006 (Movie)

(New Jersey Unit) (Leadman)

Lady in the Water 2006 (Movie)

Set Decoration Foreman (Set Decorator)

The Village 2004 (Movie)

Foreman (Art Department)

The Woodsman 2004 (Movie)

Leadman (Lead Person)

Signs 2002 (Movie)

Draper (Dresser)

Time Machine 2002 (Movie)

(New York) (Set Dresser)

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 2001 (Movie)

(New Jersey) (Leadman)
Other (4)

Limitless 2011 (Movie)

Foreman (Construction Foreman)

Unbreakable 2000 (Movie)

draper (Other)

Beloved 1998 (Movie)

drapery (Other)

Wide Awake 1998 (Movie)

draper (Other)