Congratulations to Pregnant Ciara, But Goodbye to Our Ab Inspiration (For Now)

Ciara, 'Got Me Good' Music VideoCiaraVEVO/YouTube

Look, we’re happy for Ciara. She’s in love, engaged to rapper Future, and getting ready to embark on the insanely amazing journey that is parenthood, which is fantastic. She’s a hardworking woman, she’s talented and surely she deserves her happiness. All that being said, there is a situation here that nobody wants to talk about. What, exactly, are we all supposed to do without Ciara’s abs around for the next 6 to 18-ish months? Some of us have actually used this woman’s body as workout inspiration, even going so far as to make her photo the screensaver on our computers. So now what? Well, there’s only one way to say [a temporary] goodbye to Ciara’s abs, and that’s with a look back at some of their best work. R.I.P. Cici’s abs — looking forward to seeing you again soon, but not too soon because then we’ll be all annoyed if Ciara gets back into shape, like, seven weeks after the baby is born. Seriously, take your time Ciara! 

This is so not the video to watch if you just downed a bag of potato chips with french onion dip on the side. Also, can we please bring the crybaby dance back (see the 3:28 mark if that confuses you)?

Things are about to get a tad NSFW up in here. What’s most horrifying about this video is that we’ve all walked out of the house rocking leggings, some kicks, and a baseball cap before. And yet, we looked nothing like Ciara! It’s all because of those abs.

For many of us, this was our first introduction to Ciara’s abs of steel. And it should be noted that, since everyone’s rocking crop tops on the red carpet right now, Ciara was clearly an innovater. We haven’t seen her wear an actual shirt yet. Also, has anyone come along and trumped her car-twerking scene yet? No, probably not. Definitely not.

Like A Boy
While we didn’t get to see much of the bare abs in this one, we can all still appreciate how amazing they looked underneath that white tank top. Ciara is, like, the sexiest boy in this video. It’s awkward.

Body Party
Again, congrats to Ciara and Future. But R.I.P. to the Body Party… at least to the one that features her abs. Pregnancy? That’s a body party on a whole ‘nother level. Whoooo!