Cindy Khoo


Visual Effects & Animation (9)

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 2016 (Movie)

Visual Effects Production Management(Scanline) (Visual Effects)

Independence Day Resurgence 2016 (Movie)

Visual Effects Production Management(Scanline VFX) (Animation Editor)

In the Heart of the Sea 2015 (Movie)

(Scanline VFX) (Visual Effects)

Transcendence 2014 (Movie)

Production Team(Double Negative) (Visual Effects Supervisor)

Fast & Furious 6 2013 (Movie)

Visual Effects Line Producer(Double Negative) (Visual Effects Producer)

Thor: The Dark World 2013 (Movie)

VFX Coordinator(Double Negative) (Visual Effects Coordinator)

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2012 (Movie)

(Double Negative) (Visual Effects Coordinator)

The Dark Knight Rises 2012 (Movie)

(Double Negative Ltd) (Visual Effects Coordinator)

The Pirates! Band of Misfits 2012 (Movie)

Co-ordinator(Double Negative) (Visual Effects Coordinator)
Production Management (6)

Ben-Hur 2016 (Movie)

Production Management(Scanline VFX) (Production Manager)

The 5th Wave 2016 (Movie)

(Scanline VFX) (Production Supervisor)

Furious 7 2015 (Movie)

Production Management(Scanline VFX) (Production Manager)

Pan 2015 (Movie)

Production Management(Scanline) (Production Manager)

San Andreas 2015 (Movie)

Production Management(Scanline VFX) (Production Manager)

Total Recall 2012 (Movie)

VFX Production Coordinator(Double Negative) (Production Coordinator)