Clarence Muse

Actor, Screenwriter, Composer
Born: 10/07/1889 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA


Actor (74)

The Black Stallion 1980 (Movie)

Snoe (Actor)

Car Wash 1976 (Movie)

Snapper (Actor)

Passing Through 1976 (Movie)

Papa Harris (Actor)

The World's Greatest Athlete 1973 (Movie)


Buck and the Preacher 1971 (Movie)

Cudio (Actor)

Porgy and Bess 1958 (Movie)

Peter (Actor)

The First Traveling Saleslady 1956 (Movie)

Amos (Actor)

Jamaica Run 1953 (Movie)

Mose (Actor)

Double Indemnity 1944 (Movie)

Black Man (Actor)

In the Meantime, Darling 1944 (Movie)


Jam Session 1944 (Movie)


Shadow of a Doubt 1943 (Movie)

Railroad Porter (Actor)

Heaven Can Wait 1942 (Movie)


Johnny Come Lately 1942 (Movie)

Butler (Actor)

The Black Swan 1941 (Movie)


Adam Had Four Sons 1940 (Movie)


Gentleman From Dixie 1940 (Movie)


Broken Strings 1939 (Movie)

Arthur Williams (Actor)

Way Down South 1938 (Movie)

Uncle Caton (Actor)

Show Boat 1936 (Movie)


Broadway Bill 1934 (Movie)

Whitey (Actor)

White Zombie 1931 (Movie)


A Dream For Christmas (TV Show)


A Likely Story (Movie)

Porter (Actor)

Alias Mary Dow (Movie)

Rufe (Actor)

Black Moon (Movie)

Lunch (Actor)

Chad Hanna (Movie)

Black Man (Actor)

County Fair (Movie)


Dirigible (Movie)

Harold Goodwin (Actor)

East of Java (Movie)

Johnson (Actor)

Election Day (Movie)

Farina's Father (Actor)

Flesh and Fantasy (Movie)

Jeff/Story 3 (Actor)

Flying Down to Rio (Movie)

Caddy in Haiti (Actor)

Fury of the Jungle (Movie)


Harmony Lane (Movie)

Old Joe (Actor)

Hearts in Dixie (Movie)

Nappus (Actor)

If I Had a Million (Movie)

Prisoner (Actor)

Kid Millions (Movie)

Col. Witherspoon (Actor)

Love Crazy (Movie)

Robert (Actor)

Man Against Man (Movie)

Smoke Johnson (Actor)

Maryland (Movie)

Rev. Bitters (Actor)

Massacre (Movie)

Sam (Actor)

Murder over New York (Movie)

Butler (Actor)

My Forbidden Past (Movie)

Pompey (Actor)

Night World (Movie)

Tim Washington, the Doorman (Actor)

Prison Train (Movie)

George (Actor)

Rain or Shine (Movie)

Nero (Actor)

Riding High (Movie)

Whitey (Actor)

Secret Service (Movie)

Jonas Polk (Actor)

Sherlock Holmes in Washington (Movie)

Porter (Actor)

Spirit of Youth (Movie)


Sporting Blood (Movie)

Jeff (Actor)

Tales of Manhattan (Movie)

Grandpa (Actor)

The Cabin in the Cotton (Movie)

Old Blind Negro (Actor)

The Count of Monte Cristo (Movie)

Ali (Actor)

The Fighting Sheriff (Movie)

Curfew (Actor)

The Flame of New Orleans (Movie)

Samuel (Actor)

The Great Dan Patch (Movie)

Voodoo (Actor)

The Invisible Ghost (Movie)

Evans (Actor)

The Las Vegas Story (Movie)

Pullman Porter (Actor)

The Mind Reader (Movie)

Sam (Actor)

The Sky's the Limit (Movie)

Doorman (Actor)

The Sun Shines Bright (Movie)

Uncle Zach (Actor)

The Thin Man Goes Home (Movie)

Porter (Actor)

The Toy Wife (Movie)

Brutus (Actor)

The Wet Parade (Movie)

Taylor Tibbs (Actor)

The Woman from Monte Carlo (Movie)


The Wrecker (Movie)

Chauffeur (Actor)

Tough As They Come (Movie)

Eddie (Actor)

Two Smart People (Movie)

Porter (Actor)

Unconquered (Movie)

Jason (Actor)

Washington Merry-Go-Round (Movie)

Clarence (Actor)

Watch on the Rhine (Movie)

Horace (Actor)

Winner Take All (Movie)

Rosebud, the Trainer (Actor)
Writer (3)

Broken Strings 1939 (Movie)

co-screenplay (Screenplay)

Way Down South 1938 (Movie)

(From Story)

Way Down South 1938 (Movie)

Music (2)

Way Down South 1938 (Movie)

songs (Song)

Spirit of Youth (Movie)



Dickinson College

Carlisle , Pennsylvania


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