Claude Bertrand


Sound (16)

La Separation 1998 (Movie)


A Chef in Love 1997 (Movie)


Celestial Clockwork 1996 (Movie)


What's So Funny About Me? 1996 (Movie)


Beau fixe 1991 (Movie)


Le Jeu du renard 1990 (Movie)


Esther 1989 (Movie)


Oriana 1987 (Movie)


Prunelle Blues 1986 (Movie)

sound recording mixer (Sound)

Les Favoris de la Lune 1984 (Movie)

sound recording (Sound)

Louise... l'Insoumise 1983 (Movie)


La Guerre des demoiselles 1982 (Movie)


Zig Zag Story 1982 (Movie)


La Barricade du point du Jour 1977 (Movie)

sound engineer assistant (Sound Engineer)

Paradiso 1976 (Movie)

sound assistant (Sound)

Pauline et l'Ordinateur 1976 (Movie)

Actor (2)

La Honte de la jungle 1974 (Movie)

of U S (Voice)

And Soon the Darkness 1969 (Movie)

Lassal (Actor)
Production Management (1)

Chloe in the Afternoon 1971 (Movie)

(Assistant Director)