Claudine Auger

Born: 04/25/1942 in Paris, FR


Actor (26)

Salt on Our Skin 1992 (Movie)


La Bocca 1991 (Movie)

Veronica (Actor)

La Femme de mes amours 1988 (Movie)


Les Exploits d'un jeune Don Juan 1986 (Movie)

The Mother (Actor)

Secret Places 1985 (Movie)

Sophie Meister (Actor)

Il Pentito 1984 (Movie)


L' Associe 1978 (Movie)

Agnes (Actor)

Travels With Anita 1977 (Movie)

Elisa (Actor)

Un Papillon sur l'Epaule 1977 (Movie)

Woman (Actor)

Flic Story 1975 (Movie)

Catherine (Actor)

La Tarantola dal Ventre Nero 1971 (Movie)

Laura (Actor)

The Summertime Killer 1971 (Movie)


Antefatto 1970 (Movie)


Gli Ordini Sono Ordini 1970 (Movie)


Un Peu de soleil dans l'eau froide 1970 (Movie)

Nathalie (Actor)

Anyone Can Play 1968 (Movie)

Esmeralda (Actor)

Sons of Satan 1968 (Movie)

Barbara (Actor)

Yoyo 1967 (Movie)

Isolina (Actor)

The Killing Game 1966 (Movie)

Jacqueline (Actor)

Triple Cross 1966 (Movie)

Paulette (Actor)

The Devil In Love 1965 (Movie)

Magdalena (Actor)

Thunderball 1965 (Movie)

Domino (Actor)

In the French Style 1962 (Movie)

Clio (Actor)

The Testament of Orpheus 1961 (Movie)

Minerva (Actor)

The Bermuda Triangle (Movie)

Sybil (Actor)

The Red and the Black (TV Show)



Paris Conservatoire