Clayton Osmus


Visual Effects & Animation (7)

Fantastic Four 2015 (Movie)

Model/Texture/Creature(Weta Digital) (Visual Effects)

Krampus 2015 (Movie)

Digital Effects Crew(Weta Digital) (Digital Effects)

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies 2014 (Movie)

Facial Modeler(Weta Digital Ltd) (Modelmaker)

Man of Steel 2013 (Movie)

Digital Effects Crew(Weta Digital Ltd) (Visual Effects)

Happy Feet Two 2011 (Movie)

Modeller (Modelmaker)

Cats & Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore 2010 (Movie)

CG Modeler(Tippett Studio) (CGI Artist)

Journey to the Center of the Earth 2008 (Movie)

Modeling(Meteor Studios) (Modelmaker)