Conan O’Brien Does Jay Leno Impression, and Breaks the Law

conan obrienConan O’Brien took some time out from his “The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television” tour to visit Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, to talk about…you know, stuff. Mostly about the constant plight of sea turtles. (He is a Harvard man, after all.) But only  .4 % of a person found it interesting. 

But no, I’m slightly deceiving you. Google-person Vic Gundotra sat down with Conan and asked him a bunch of questions that Google employees wanted answered. There were discussions about facial hair growth tactics, the time he spent writing for “The Simpsons,” and even did a little bit of his famous marionette string dance for everyone (skip to around 11:40 in the video).

And since Google asks the questions even Barbara Walters is too afraid to ask, the topic of Jay Leno‘s chin came up (around minute 22). Without missing a beat, Conan jumped into his “overzealous guy at the racetrack” persona and lightly referred to the limitations that prevent him from talking about what went down between him and Leno. But sure enough, he just couldn’t stop himself from mimicking the current host of “The Tonight Show” by jiggling his head and speaking in falsetto. Coco clarified it was actually his impression of Ludacris, but it took the Google people less effort to build the internet than it does to assemble something out of Legos, so they probably figured it out.

In any case, here’s hoping Coco can avoid any jailtime and fines for his antics. He’s got too many places to go and people to see (including, maybe, Leno when he’s passing through California. There should be tickets to that.)