Conrad Nagel

Actor, Director
Born: 03/16/1897 in Keokuk, Iowa, USA


Actor (43)

The Kiss 1991 (Movie)


Stranger in My Arms 1958 (Movie)

Harley Beasley (Actor)

All That Heaven Allows 1955 (Movie)

Harvey (Actor)

Silver Theater 1949 - 1950 (TV Show)


The Marines Are Coming 1933 (Movie)

Capt. Edward 'Ned' Benton (Actor)

Bad Sister 1930 (Movie)


Hollywood Revue of 1929 1929 (Movie)

Master of Ceremonies (Actor)

Dynamite 1928 (Movie)


The Mysterious Lady 1927 (Movie)


A Lady Surrenders (Movie)

Winthrop Beauvel (Actor)

Adventures of Rusty (Movie)

Hugh Mitchell (Actor)

Ann Vickers (Movie)

Lindsay Atwell (Actor)

Bank Alarm (Movie)

Alan O'Connor (Actor)

Dance Madness (Movie)

J. P. Smith (Actor)

Du Barry, Woman of Passion (Movie)

Duc de Bissac (Actor)

East Lynne (Movie)

Robert Carlyle (Actor)

Fast Life (Movie)

Burton (Actor)

Glorious Betsy (Movie)

Jerome (Actor)

Hell Divers (Movie)

Duke (Actor)

If I Were Single (Movie)

Ted Howard (Actor)

London After Midnight (Movie)

Arthur Hibbs (Actor)

Nice People (Movie)

Scotty Wilbur (Actor)

Numbered Men (Movie)

Bertie Gray (Actor)

One Romantic Night (Movie)

Dr. Nicholas Haller (Actor)

Pagan Lady (Movie)

Ernest Todd (Actor)

Redemption (Movie)

Victor (Actor)

Second Wife (Movie)

Walter Fairchild (Actor)

Sinners in Silk (Movie)

Brock Farley (Actor)

Slightly Used (Movie)

Maj. John Smith (Actor)

Son of India (Movie)

William Darsay (Actor)

State Street Sadie (Movie)

Ralph Blake (Actor)

The Girl From Chicago (Movie)

Handsome Joe (Actor)

The Gold Racket (Movie)

Alan O'Connor (Actor)

The Idle Rich (Movie)

William van Luyn (Actor)

The Impossible Mrs. Bellew (Movie)

John Helstan (Actor)

The Mad Empress (Movie)

Maximilian (Actor)

The Man Called Back (Movie)

Dr. David Yorke (Actor)

The Michigan Kid (Movie)

Jimmy Cowan (Actor)

The Rendezvous (Movie)

Walter Stanford (Actor)

The Thirteenth Chair (Movie)

Richard Crosby (Actor)

The Waning Sex (Movie)

Philip Barry (Actor)

Wedding Present (Movie)

Dodacker (Actor)

Yellow Cargo (Movie)

Alan O'Connor (Actor)


Ruth Helms


Lynn Merrick Actor