Cops Have More Questions for Anna Nicole Smith’s Companion

Law enforcement officials in the Bahamas have ordered police to re-interview Anna Nicole Smith‘s companion Howard K. Stern regarding her son’s mysterious death.

Members of the Attorney General’s office want to ask Stern more questions about how the painkiller methadone ended up in the system of 20-year-old Daniel Smith.

Daniel died Sept. 10 in his mother’s hospital room days after she gave birth to her daughter.

An autopsy revealed Daniel had a lethal combination of drugs in his system, including methadone and several antidepressants.

Sources in the Bahamas told entertainment Web site that Royal Bahamas Police interviewed Stern two weeks ago.

Stern and the former Playboy Playmate have both been interviewed several times since Daniel’s death.

Law enforcement officials are expected to make a major announcement regarding the investigation by Dec. 15.

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