Corbett sleeping on set

The thrifty actor lives two hours drive from Los Angeles, so when he’s shooting hit TV series The United States of Tara with Toni Collette five days a week, he chooses to save cash on gas and accommodation by sleeping on the lot.

The My Big Fat Greek Wedding star says, “I’m not gonna drive home every night and I don’t wanna spend more dough (money) on an apartment, because I already have a mortgage.

“So I said to the guys when they gave us a little dressing room, I said, ‘I notice there’s a little empty dressing room over there; any chance you could throw a futon and a TV in there.’

“So I sleep for five nights outta the week… in an office on the lot… I park my car on the lot and I go up on Ventura Boulevard after we finish around nine or 10 at night, have a few beers and then I stumble back through that old studio.”

But Corbett fears going public with his sleeping arrangements could cause a few problems – because actors and crew members are forbidden from spending the night on the lot.

He adds, “You’re not allowed to sleep there… All the guards, they think I’m a writer on the show… and I’ll come back at two in the morning: ‘Hey boys!’ They’ll say, ‘You’re here late; you gonna work all night?’ and I go, ‘Write all night long.’

“It’s a really cool vibe… I’ve got a nice shower in there, I’ve got the cable. I’ve got everything I need.”