Courtney Love Urges Britney Spears to Get Help

Reformed drug addict Courtney Love has urged Britney Spears to get the help she needs–or end up like Marilyn Monroe.

Hours after Spears was committed to the hospital for her second psychiatric evaluation in a month, Love went public with her concerns.

The 43-year-old rocker says, “I know exactly what’s going on, having been there. If she doesn’t get help something very, very bad is gonna happen.”

Like Spears, Love was committed to the hospital at the height of her problems three years ago–and the rocker shocked fans and friends when she was wheeled into an ambulance on a gurney.

She adds, “Marilyn Monroe was strapped to a gurney too, but, other than me and Britney, no one’s ever been strapped to a gurney.”

Love insists there’s no shame in facing the bipolar issues she shares with the “Toxic” singer, and she hopes that Spears comes to appreciate that.

In an exclusive interview with news show Access Hollywood, she explains, “It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt it’s a genetic condition and it’s a disease.

“It’s a part of our brain that doesn’t care about consequences; it doesn’t care if our children are gonna be taken away.”

Spears isn’t the only young star Love has reached out to–she also confronted Lindsay Lohan over her drug use.

She adds, “I went up to Lohan‘s room one time and there was a show on called 101 Celebrity Oops, and I’m, like, every other one–boobs out, legs akimbo, throwing s**t at Madonna. I’m like, ‘Lindsay look, drugs are bad!'”