Cox and Aniston step up Congo charity campaign

The actresses have lent their support to humanitarian fashion brand OmniPeace, which aims to stamp out violence against women in the African region, and is run by their friend Mary Fanaro.

Earlier this year (Jun09) Cox and Aniston joined singer Sheryl Crow at a dinner party to raise awareness for the charity, and now they’re taking a new campaign to Senator Hilary Clinton.

The stars are urging gadget fans in America and Europe not to buy electronics, such as cell phones and laptops, which contain materials sourced from ‘conflict mines’ – where the industry is at the centre of violent fighting.

Cox has praised her pal Fanaro for all her charity efforts and hopes they will be able to spread their message even further.

She tells Fox News, “OmniPeace was created to give back. I can’t think of a better way to support my best friend and all the work that she and OmniPeace do to donate to causes supporting peace, education, human rights and the end of extreme poverty by 2025. Mary’s passion is so contagious and wonderful. It has taught me that anything is possible with enough perseverance and tenacity.”