Cyberbully Jimmy Kimmel Took Over Julie Bowen’s Twitter: The 10 Best Tweets 

jimmy kimmel tweets for julie bowen

Julie Bowen should have known better than to challenge Jimmy Kimmel. This is, after all, a guy who routinely gets parents to ruin their children’s lives and messes with Matt Damon because he can. Still, the Modern Family actress tempted fate when she went up against the late night host in a workout challenge. Now, the very fit Bowen losing said challenge to the marginally less fit Kimmel should have been punishment enough, but it wasn’t. Part of the bet was that the winner would tweet from the loser’s Twitter account. 

A woman of her word, the 42-year-old Emmy winner let the 45-year-old Emmy host hijack her Twitter and the results were, as to be expected, pretty damn hilarious. Of course, the funniest part of this whole thing is that many of Bowen’s followers had no idea what was going on and thought the actress turned into a cyberbully who seemed hellbent on getting other celebs to read mean tweets about themselves on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Here are the ten best Kimmel tweets on Bowen’s account

Hello @roblowe – I’m nice enough to follow you, so you need to follow me. That’s how it works, dickhead.

— Julie Bowen (@itsJulieBowen) January 24, 2013

Tryin 2 get @sofiavergara deported. 🙂

— Julie Bowen (@itsJulieBowen) January 23, 2013

Why do people like @justinbieber ? The only thing worse than his music are his fans. #truth #babybabybabyNO

— Julie Bowen (@itsJulieBowen) January 23, 2013

Congratulations Matt Damon on your new hair plugs. They’re barely noticeable.

— Julie Bowen (@itsJulieBowen) January 23, 2013

Hey @mteo_5, I’ll be your girlfriend. #forrealz

— Julie Bowen (@itsJulieBowen) January 23, 2013

You suck @lenadunham

— Julie Bowen (@itsJulieBowen) January 23, 2013

Can I get pregnant from making out with waiter at Romano’s Macaroni Grill? #asking4afriend

— Julie Bowen (@itsJulieBowen) January 23, 2013

Hey @oprah aren’t you sick of Gayle already? Call me!

— Julie Bowen (@itsJulieBowen) January 23, 2013

RT if ur DTF!!!!

— Julie Bowen (@itsJulieBowen) January 24, 2013

Feel bad for poor people. They never get massages #LUVTHERUB

— Julie Bowen (@itsJulieBowen) January 24, 2013Alright, so maybe Bowen didn’t think this thing through, but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t retaliate with her own Twitter zinger. In fact, she may have had the best one of the bunch:

Thank you @jimmykimmel for all the really funny tweets sent from my account.How did you get Jay Leno to agree to write them for you?

— Julie Bowen (@itsJulieBowen) January 24, 2013[Photo credit: ABC]


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