Now You Can ‘Get Lucky’ With Daft Punk Condoms

Credit: Diplo/Instagram

When you’re “up all night to get lucky,” it’s good to have a condom on hand just in case you do. Fortunately, Daft Punk is here not only to help you score, but stay safe as well, The Sun reports. In what is possibly the electronic duo’s most genius collaboration yet, they have allowed Durex to use their album art for a new brand of condoms, named after their latest hit ‘Get Lucky.’

Although they are not available for purchase yet, Durex has been sending packs to DJs to try them out. Popular DJ Diplo is already making good use of his samples, posting the above photo of an open package on his Instagram. The condoms will go on sale in Europe first and then make their way to the US. Use protection, kids! It’s what Daft Punk would want.

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