Daft Punk Releases 15 Second Teaser of Another New Song, ‘Give Life Back to Music’

Credit: Columbia Records

The leaked version of Daft Punk’s collaboration with Italian disco legend Giorgio Moroder may have been swiftly removed from the Internet before most of us had a chance to listen, but now, the duo is giving us an official taste of another song from the upcoming Random Access Memories. The catch? It’s only about 15 measly seconds. But hey, an amuse-bouche would go well with the hearty appetizer that is “Get Lucky” featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers, so we’ll gobble up this nibblet just as readily as we did the teaser for the runaway hit. 

“Give Life Back to Music” makes its tiny debut at the end of a video promoting Daft Punk’s new album, in which the duo unwraps a copy of Random Access Memories on vinyl. They had to play something when the record is laid down on the turn table, and we’re just happy it was a piece of a song we hadn’t yet heard instead of another dose of “Get Lucky” (because we’ve already played that song on repeat too many times to count). 

Thankfully, this painful cycle of anticipatory snippets of music released intermittently leading up to the album’s release will be over soon — still the sure-fire soundtrack to our summer cannot come soon enough. May 21, hurry up, please.  

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