Stream Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’ for Free Right Now

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Fans of summer, epic dance music, and a good ol’ fashioned groovedown have found reason to celebrate today: Daft Punk’s hotly anticipated new album, Random Access Memories, can be heard online, for free. As in right now. What are you waiting for?!

The album — the band’s first studio release since 2005’s Human After All — has had one of the more curious origin stories of the year. First, the information about its existence was leaked by Nile Rodgers. Then, teasers of total jam-of-the-summer tune “Get Lucky” began popping up during Saturday Night Live  alongside news that the band would perform the new songs for the first time in a teeny-tiny Australian town called Wee Waa. After getting outfitted by fancy-smancy fashion label Saint Laurent Paris, the band gave us more: a teaser to the new tune “Give Life Back to Music,” a new Spotify record, and a complete tracklisting via social media’s newest buzzy video app, Vine.

But now the wait is over: Daft Punk has released the album as a free stream on iTunes. And oh, what a relief it is to finally have the 2013 summer soundtrack in our hands. So head over to the band’s artist page or simply click here. It’s about to get funky, y’all.

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