Daily Shuffle: Bret Michaels Has Heart Surgery

Bret MichaelsSomeone had a hole in his heart, and not in the annoying, hokey country song from the 90s sort of way; he had an actual, literal REAL hole in his heart. The rock of love himself, Bret Michaels, is the man in question and underwent heart surgery yesterday to repair the issue. As of now, Michaels is recovering just fine though this issue was on the tail end of a string of other heath problems that cropped up last May. Michaels miraculously survived all those health problems and went on to propose to his lady love with his new-found lease on life. Hold on. Did I just learn something about life from BRET MICHAELS? Where am I? What’s my name? –PeopleOn the other side of the spectrum, former My Name is Earl star, Jamie Pressly’s life keeps going in the other direction. Word has it that fresh off her DUI arrest, she and her husband, a LAWYER, have just split. Something tells me breaking up with a dude who knows the law a mere three weeks after some legal trouble isn’t the best idea. –UsKristen Bell is the new face of Neutrogena. Great. The girl wasn’t super adorable, spritely, and fresh faced enough already, now she’s going to be bouncing around on TV making me feel bad for forgetting to use my makeup remover last night. THANKS for the guilt guys. –PopeaterAmerican Idol is serious about making your dreams come true, including helping you cut ties from the pesky day job. You know, the one that helps you pay your bills until you’re lucky enough to make it to Hollywood for the big show? Apparently golden ticket winner, Devyn Rush, got sent to Hollywood, but came back to the Big Apple to find that her jobby job at Manhattan’s famous singing waiter eatery, the Stardust Diner, was no more. It’s okay Devyn, I’m sure your old boss was just jealous that you got to meet Steven Tyler. –TMZ