Daily Shuffle: Dr. Drew Apologizes For Jolie/Pitt Comment

Ddr. drewr. Drew has apologized for an interview he did that insisted the likelihood of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt splitting up was tremendous. He argues his comments were taken out of context and were never meant to be printed. This would be convincing if he worked on a farm and inseminated cows instead of having a show called Celebrity Rehab. – Radar Online

It’s too bad that having charming names for her pigs (Booker T. Washington and Lavender Valentine), goats (George and Martha Washington) and donkeys (Honky and Tonky) isn’t enough to make Reese Witherspoon capable of looking at herself in pictures and be satisfied with her appearance. – E

TMZ paid Dawn Holland, the Betty Ford Clinic employee $10,000 for her story on what happened between her and Lindsay Lohan. She was then fired from the facility for violating confidentiality procedures. More on this to come. – TMZ

2011 could be the year Katy Perry and Russell Brand birth a human child. – Daily Mail