Daily Shuffle: Elton John Is A Father

elton john and david furnishSir Elton John and his partner David Furnish are now the fathers to a little man named Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John. He was born on Christmas day via a surrogate. Take that, Ukraine! – OK

Yes, you’re right! It IS weird that Natalie Portman announced she was engaged and expecting yesterday, and this morning we got the trailer for The Other Woman, where she plays a woman who gets her boss to leave his wife and marry her. Then, she has his child, who proceeds to die…the trailer for which is here. It’s also kind of creepy, because, like, jinxes and everything! – Huffpo

What’s Lindsay‘s plan for when she gets out of rehab? She’s so glad you asked! Even though she gets out on the third, she’ll be driving 100 miles back to LA on the fourth, where she’ll move into somewhere that’s not the West Hollywood condo where she did all her drugs. – TMZ

Courteney Cox spent Christmas with Jennifer Aniston. You may have had to clean the dingleberries off your dog over the holiday, but at least you didn’t have to sit around to watch the two of them go through cases of Chardonnay and turn into pyromaniacs. – People