Daily Shuffle: Halle Berry And Gabriel Aubry Make Amends

halle berry and gabriel aubryHalle Berry and Gabriel Aubry have finally decided to cut the shit about where their daughter, Nahla, is going to sleep on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and have decided to just chill for a little bit. However, no word on whether the debate over her ethnicity has been shelved, too.  – Radar Online

Liam Neeson told Esquire that he survived his wife’s death by “running away to work.” He continued, “that’s the weird thing about grief. You can’t prepare for it. You think you’re gonna cry and get it over with. You make those plans, but they never work…it hits you in the middle of the night — well, it hits me in the middle of the night.” – Esquire

Christina Applegate and her daughter are on the cover of People this week, and she says, “sometimes I stand there going, ‘I’m not doing any of this right!’ And then I get this big man belch out of her and I go, ‘Ah, we accomplished this together.'” I guess it’s better to get satisfaction out of that than it is to get satisfaction out of popping a pimple. – People

Backstage at the Grammys, J.Lo‘s people had to call the paramedics because one of the spikes on her Christian Louboutin shoes pierced a hole in her left ankle, and (emphasis mine) “her stylist was FREAKING OUT because JENNIFER ACCIDENTALLY PUNCTURED HERSELF with one of the many SPIKES…THE BLOOD WOULDN’T STOP and J.LO STILL HAD TO PRESENT AN AWARD!” The paramedics put a band-aid on it and it was fine. – Radar