Daily Shuffle: Jamie Pressly Busted For DUI

jamie presslyJamie Pressly was arrested last night under suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. She was driving in Santa Monica around 11PM when officers stopped her after they noticed that she committed a traffic violation. After she failed a sobriety test, she was taken to jail in Santa Monica and held on $15,000 bail, which I’m sure Jason Lee quickly took care of and then crossed off his list. – TMZ

Holly Madison said she is “very surprised!” about Hugh Hefner‘s engagement. NO. SHIT. – E Online

The Huffington Post says Natalie Portman was showing MAJOR BABY BUMP at the People’s Choice Awards last night, but they are insane. It just looks like her stylist was busy in court for skinning an alligator and trying to make a pair of shoes for Natalie and couldn’t meet with her that day to pick out an outfit. – Huffpo

US Magazine strangely confuses Taylor Swift for someone else or insults the People’s Choice Awards when they write, “Taylor Swift Surrounded By Exes At People’s Choice.” If the headline is indeed correct, the ceremony must have been a bust because she’s only dated three people and they were the only ones there. Actually, four if you think people from Nashville date their brothers. – US