Daily Shuffle: Josh Duhamel Is Returning to ‘All My Children’

Josh DuhamelWhat’s this? Husband of Fergie and Transformers series star, Josh Duhamel is going back to point A? (Or point AMC, rather.) That’s right, Duhamel will return just before All My Children breathes its last breath (because it was canceled) and reprise his role as Leo du Pres this August. There’s one small snag though, his character DIED. And he didn’t just die, HE DIED IN A WATERFALL. Of course, because this is a soap, and his body was mysteriously never found, he’ll miraculously return and make everyone shit a brick in shock. Oh, the convenience of soap opera storytelling. -EW

In today’s obvious celebrity news, Harry Potter star Emma Watson insists that men are intimidated by her. Normally, my bitchy girl reaction would be to tell her to shut up and stop making excuses for her lackluster love life, but because it’s Emma Watson we’re talking about, I can’t do that. Hell, I’m intimidated by a photo of Watson, she’s absolutely stunning. Oh, and she happens to be extremely smart and well-educated too. I wouldn’t be surprised if men literally melt when she walks by. She wonders why they don’t call her back? Perhaps because these dudes die of shock once they realize Emma Watson was willing to talk to them for more than five seconds. -HuffPo

Lady Gaga’s new album is banned in Lebanon on the ground that it’s “offensive to Christianity.” Police will actually confiscate copies of Born This Way if found. There are two major issues with this. Lebanon, you know this is only going to increase her power, right? You think you’re doing the world a favor, but you just made her seven thousand times more enticing than if you’d just left it alone. Now she’s got international street cred. We’re never going to hear the end of this, you know. Damnit. -The Guardian

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