Daily Shuffle: Julia Stiles Denies Breaking Up Hall’s Marriage

julia stilesJulia Stiles completely denies having anything to do with the split between Michael C. Hall and his wife, Jennifer Carpenter. “Although I too prefer to keep my private life private — I felt compelled to dispel the rumors I was somehow the cause for this matter,” she said in a statement. Just a simple NAH, Y’ALL would have done just fine. – People

For his birthday, Angelina Jolie has bought Brad a $400,000 ring that’s engraved with all of their kids’ names and some super secret sexy references that only the two of them know and understand. It’s being called a “family wedding band,” and really reminds me of those necklaces mothers in the Midwest wear, where little stick figures with blue gems represent boys and pink triangle gems represent girls, and their legs are all dangly. And every time you have another kid, you get to add another stick figure!  – Contact Music

Natalie Portman is supposedly super pissed that Mila Kunis is getting recognition for her work in Black Swan. An insider said “this was supposed to be Natalie’s BIG role, so she’s totally upset that Mila is getting so much praise.” It’s probably all just in Portman’s head. – Celebitchy

Jessica Simpson‘s ex-boyfriend, Tony Romo, is engaged to Chace Crawford‘s sister, Candice Crawford, thereby solidifying the believe that Jessica, is, like, the female version of Good Luck Chuck. – US