Daily Shuffle: Justin Bieber Apologizes

justin bieber selena gomezJustin Bieber has apologized on Twitter for flashing his middle finger at the photographers that were making his and Selena Gomez‘s exit from the L.A. restaurant, Mattiano’s, difficult. Additionally, there were rumors that the reason why Selena was shielding her face from the cameras because an angry Bieber fan punched her in the face, but obviously that’s not true because they’re not done writing out death threats in her bed using dead caterpillars. – MTV

Charlie Sheen is officially tweeting for cash. He told TMZ that the main reason he’s joined Twitter is so he can make money off of advertising because he’s unemployed and he needs more money to fund his lifestyle, which supposedly consists of orange soda, working out at 5:30 in the morning, and deciding which goddess he’d like to sleep with each night. – TMZ

There are some pretty bad photos of Whitney Houston‘s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, snorting cocaine in The National Enquirer. – Hello Beautiful

Contrary to what we thought, Bill Clinton actually didn’t turn down Tina Fey‘s offer to appear on 30 Rock. What really happened was the offer was made to one of Clinton’s staffers, but he never relayed the request. Which is really too bad, because you know the underlying plot of that 30 Rock episode would have been about the macrame bracelets he enjoys wearing. – Page Six