Daily Shuffle: Justin Bieber Fills Selena Gomez’s House With Flowers

Selena Gomez Justin BieberOh boy, oh boy. For two adorable teen heartthrobs who AREN’T dating, there sure are a lot of romantic gestures flying around. When Justin Bieber gets a whim, he REALLY gets a whim, because just after Valentine’s Day he reportedly bought out an entire flower shop to fill Selena Gomez’s house with the little pretties just because he felt like it. Wow. A 16 year old just put most grown men’s romantic gestures to shame, but then again he probably just did it as a preemptive apology for his new haircut that makes him look like a shaved cockapoo. –Popeater

Camille Grammar has been enlisted by CNN as an Oscars correspondent which means someone else has just surpassed her in the desperate quest for moderately annoying (and pointless) fame. Camille should celebrate with some bubbly and CNN should try to remember that they used to be a respectable news organization. –HuffPo

Britney Spears’ terrible ad-riddled new video for “Hold It Against Me” may not even be worth all the corporate whoring. Apparently, the video only earned her $500,000 for all that in your face product placement. That’s chump change for that kind of blatant ad placement. Well, I guess it also earned her that passive aggressive tweet from Katy Perry about doing product placement with “style and grace.” I love that girl, but I would NOT be taking style and grace lessons from her. Then again, from the looks of that video, dear Britney could use advice from anyone who’s willing to give it. –Vulture