Daily Shuffle: Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Ring Worth $2 Million

kim kardashianYou know that refrain in the Malcolm in the Middle theme song (yes, I know it’s a stand-alone song, but I have not the energy to look it up) where it goes “Life is unfair…” Yeah, that pretty much sums up the feeling I had when I learned that Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring to some basketball player is worth $2 million dollars. TMZ also thought it was appropriate to further rub her wealth in our eyes by mentioning it is worth HALF of what her mansion is worth. Isn’t a ring supposed to be three months salary? Which would mean a house is supposed to be six months? Okay, I can kinda see how we got into the mortgage fiasco. Oh! “Boss of Me” by They Might Be Giants! That’s the name of the song! -TMZ

Congratulations to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez! They managed to find their hotel’s “secret” pizza place and score a couple of slices. Let’s give a round of applause to the couple that managed to find the “secret” spot and were rewarded with pizza. Jesus, it’s like Chuck E. Cheese for rich idiots. -People

Finally, the Obamas dined at the Queen’s Banquet in the UK last night during their trip through the United Kingdom. The formal dinner was attended by many celebrities in celebration of the cultural bridge our two countries share. However, I’ll choose to let Tom Hanks represent the good ole US of A and Helena Bonham Carter represent the UK. Seems about right. -People