Daily Shuffle: Lindsay Lohan Isn’t Doing DWTS

lindsay lohanLindsay Lohan‘s rep denies that she has signed on to do Dancing with the Stars. – MTV

Snooki will be placed inside a ball that will drop in Times Square on New Years Eve, which she will emerge from in celebration. She won’t be in the main ball, though — she’s been fashioned her own. Also on the agenda is the entire cast of Jersey Shore encouraging us to fist pump to break the Guinness world record. I want to do that less than I want to encourage a kangaroo to punch me. – Hollywood Reporter

In tonight’s Barbara Walters special, Oprah will say she’s “not even kind of gay.” I feel like that’s offensive? – USA Today

Jennifer Aniston is telling Chelsea Handler to stop talking about Angelina and instead, to talk about the time they drank margaritas all day and fashioned their bikini bottoms into sunglasses in Cabo. – Popeater