Daily Shuffle: Lindsay Lohan Moves Next Door To Ex-Girlfriend

lindsay lohan and samantha ronsonAfter leaving rehab and maintaining that none of us would know where she was going or where she’d be staying while she gets re-acclimated to the outside world, it has come out that Lindsay Lohan is moving into a four-bedroom house in Venice, California, right next to her ex-girlfriend, Samantha Ronson. Ronson is not pleased with Lindsay’s decision to do so and was seen “shaking her head and looking disgusted” and saying she “didn’t plan it this way.” – US And, here are pictures of her new digs. – TMZ AND ADDITIONALLY, even though the Betty Ford worker decided not to file charges against Lindsay for battery, police are still going to submit the case to the district attorney because they believe she did get rough with the employee, which would mean she violated her parole and doesn’t deserve to move into a house with a red mosaic tiled bathroom. – TMZ

It is possible that when Cee Lo sings on Saturday Night Live this weekend, he will be joined by Gwyneth Paltrow. That’s great for her and everything, CUZ I’M COUNTRY STRONG, you know!, but then who’s going to be in charge of the Goop distribution? – NYP

Kim Kardashian honestly isn’t as sexy as everyone thinks. But she is definitely powerful. So, note the distinction. – People

Hugh Hefner‘s new fiancé, Crystal Harris, doesn’t notice the trillion year age difference. That also means she doesn’t notice elephants, huge jello molds, and Claes Oldenburg sculptures. – US